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Onepointfive invests in Hadean Capital II

November 1, 2022:

Onepointfive is proud to announce its latest investment in Hadean Capital II. Hadean Ventures invests across healthcare verticals and stages, in technologies with the potential to address unmet medical needs. They focus broadly across the life science sector including in speciality pharmaceuticals, medical technology, diagnostics and digital health.
"We have followed the Hadean team for several years, tracking the outstanding performance and impact of their first fund. We are excited to invest alongside a team of great investors and be a part of Hadean Capital II", says Jon Eivind Stø, Founder and Managing Partner of Onepointfive.
"Onepointfive has built strong relationships with the top quartile life sciences and medical technology fund managers in Europe. The Hadean team has an impressive track record, and we believe Hadean's investment strategy will continue to deliver strong financial returns and medical technology breakthroughs.", says Knut-Ove Harlem, Founder and Managing Partner of Onepointfive.
Ingrid Teigland Akay, MD MBA, Founder and Managing Partner of Hadean Ventures commented: “We are excited to welcome Onepointfive as new investor in Hadean Capital II. Our vision and strategy investing in high potential start-ups developing treatments for unmet medical need is well aligned with the impact focus of Onepointfive and we very much look forward to the collaboration.”


Onepointfive invests in Blue Horizon Growth II

August 22, 2022:

Onepointfive is proud to announce its first investments into Blue Horizon’s latest fund, Blue Horizon Growth II.

Blue Horizon is a global investment firm focused on scalable ventures that accelerate the global transition towards sustainable food and agriculture. The company invests at the intersection of biology, agriculture, and technology with the aim to transform the global food industry. To date, Blue Horizon has raised over USD 850 million and invested in more than 70 companies.
“We have been following Blue Horizon for more than two years and we are excited to announce this investment. Blue Horizon is a true global pioneer when it comes to backing and developing companies in the food and agriculture space and they have a proven track record of building leaders within the global food industry”, says Jon Eivind Stø, Founder and Managing Partner of Onepointfive.
“In a time when the world experiences both food shortages and an acute climate crisis, it is critical to develop new, healthier and more climate friendly ways of food production. We are confident that our investment in Blue Horizon will help towards that goal”, says Knut-Ove Harlem, Founder and Managing Partner of Onepointfive.
“We are very happy to have Onepointfive onboard as an investor in our new strategy. More capital needs to be channeled into transforming the global food industry, and we are excited that Onepointfive has chosen Blue Horizon as its first of many investments to come”, says Przemek Obloj, CIO of Blue Horizon.
More investment news to come. Feel free to drop us I line if you have any questions about our investment in Blue Horizon or any other topics of interest.

Onepointfive launches Onepointfive Opportunities I

June 23, 2022:

Despite a turbulent market, we are delighted to announce the successful launch of Onepointfive Opportunities together with Njord Securities AS and 10 Norwegian family offices and professional investors. Onepointfive Opportunities is a VC and growth fund-of-funds that offers investors access to specialist fund managers within the fields of Food & Agriculture, Clean Energy, Life Science, Smart Cities, Circular Economy and Advanced Materials.

Onepointfive Capital Partners was established with the objective to guide and support European family offices to invest in the top performing climate and impact funds in Europe. The deal team has screened more than 400 fund managers in Europe and established a close network of more than 125 VC and growth managers that have climate and impact as their core investment strategy.  

"We see that strong impact and strong financial returns go hand in hand. The fund managers we will invest in have stellar track-records of top quartile financial performance while at the same time making impact at scale", says Knut-Ove Harlem, Founder and Managing Partner of Onepointfive. 

Onepointfive targets to launch its second investment vehicle by latest Q1 2023 for Nordic and European investors. The first vehicle was marketed only to a limited number of professional investors in Norway and attracted substantial interest. 

"Timing is right. We experience a more sensible, cash-oriented, and realistic pricing discipline among the best VC- and growth managers. These managers have strong pipelines of investment opportunities, and teams with proven subject matter expertise to commercialise the underlying portfolio companies and to make successful exits", says Jon Eivind Stø, Founder and Managing Partner of Onepointfive. 

More exciting news to follow!

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